How to Stand Out in a Competitive Workplace


However large or small your workplace is, you will usually find yourself getting caught up in competition.  Competition can be good for a person.  It fosters a desire to improve and to not be content with mediocrity.  Healthy competition can give a person the extra push they need to achieve their goals.

In situations where you work with many other competitive people, it can become increasingly harder and harder to stand out and be noticed.

There are many things you can do to ensure that you stand out among the rest.

  1. Increase productivity: If you want to be noticed you have to do more than what was considered acceptable in the past.  You have to push yourself farther.
  2. Fully complete all tasks and assignments: Don’t leave anything undone.  If you take on too many projects or tasks at once you run the risk of either doing a poor job or even not completing everything you need to.
  3. Pay attention to details: Mistakes can happen when you are focusing only on the big picture.  Keep in mind that there are small things that need to be taken care of first.  Check and double check things before turning them over to your superiors.  It might take time, but one mistake you catch is one that they don’t see.
  4. Be innovative: Share your ideas for improvement with your superiors.  You will be appreciated for any ideas you have that can help with things like improving the company’s productivity or customer relationships.
  5. Be present and on time: Whether it’s a meeting or just the start of the day, always be punctual.  Show up ready to go.  Being present doesn’t just mean being a body in a chair; it means that you are prepared mentally as well.  Have all the tools, equipment and supplies ready for whatever task you are undertaking.
  6. Know the responsibilities of each position in the workplace: If you are looking to advance or receive a promotion, know what position you’re are aspiring to.  Look into what all the responsibilities are and prove that you can do them.  If there are any you can’t do, set goals and work up to them.
  7. Know your weakness:  If you know what areas you need to work on, you will be one step ahead of the people who think they don’t have any.  Be honest with yourself.  You will always have weaknesses but knowing what they are means that you can make them your strengths.
  8. Don’t wait to be told to do something before doing it: If you know that something needs to get done, just do it.  Good leaders hate having to micromanage their employees.  Someone who does what needs to be done without waiting to be told is an asset to the company.
  9. Take responsibility: If you make a mistake, take responsibility for your actions.  Don’t make excuses.  It is easy to see when someone is trying to push the blame to someone else.  Accept responsibility, learn from your mistake and move on.


by kmott